Jan 262012

There are many factors which may contribute to the paranormal phenomena and hauntings. Here I will give you a few key elements that we as paranormal investigators look for.

Unexplained Noises: Footsteps, voice (in real time as well as on recording), knocking, banging, scratching, etc. There sounds may be quite prominent or can be very subtle.

Hot/Cold Spots: Are areas that seem to be drastically warmer or cooler than other areas of the location with no evidence of drafts or logical explanations for the difference in temperature. Often time’s spiritual activity is accompanied by a change in temperature most notably cooler temperatures.

Electrical oddities: Have you witnessed lights or other electrical appliances turn on or off seemingly by themselves? Most commonly affected are lights, televisions and radios

Misplaced/Lost Objects: This phenomenon is something’s referred to as “the borrowers” phenomenon. Have you placed an object in a specific location only to have it move by some strange occurrence? Or moved back to the original spot the next time you look for it?

Shadows/Visual Anomalies: Have you been prone to shadow sightings whether peripherally or dead on? Do the shadows take shape or imitate human form?

Feelings for fear or being watched: Do you often feel like you are not alone? Do you feel afraid or threatened for no apparent reason?

Strange Animal Behaviour: Do your have pets that seem to react suspiciously without reason? Dogs that bark or growl at an empty corner? Cats that won’t enter a certain room?

If you are familiar with any of the aforementioned activity the most important thing to do is to stay calm and monitor these behaviours. Keep a journal and track all phenomena that occurred. The next step would be to try and establish patters and find logical explanations for the phenomena. Determining if a haunting is occurring is sometimes a difficult task, if you have questions or require additional assistance, please contact us.