Oct 302012

Francois Baby House ~Windsor Community Museum


On Tuesday October 30, 2012 Spectral Solutions had the honour of being the first paranormal team to investigated this historical building.
Brief history

The François Bâby House is a historic residence located in Windsor, Ontario which was owned by the prominent local politician Francois Baby.  The house was known as La Fermelocally and was a French Canadian Ribbon Farm, which was a long narrow tract fronting endwise on the Detroit River. The home itself has historical ties to the War of 1812 where it was used as a headquarters by both the American and British forces.

Today, the François Baby House has been designated as a National Historic Site of Canada and serves as the current home of Windsor’s Community Museum, a historical museum which displays the city’s rich and colourful past.


The Investigation

We were joined by the curator and a staff member as well as two members of the public who had won a guest investigator spot through raffles at one of our Public Hunts.  We arrived on site at 8pm, set up our equipment and anticipated an interesting night.  We were thrilled to be able to view the treasures on hand in the museum but unfortunately the paranormal occurrences were at a minimum.  We did, however, capture two EVPs during the night.



Class A Evp                                        Class C Evp

Baubie                                                                      Give us a sign

Aug 152012

We were contacted July 28, 2012 by the sister of a woman who was experiencing strange phenomena at her home in Windsor.  This house belonged to their grandmother and our client purchased this location from the estate after her grandmother’s passing.

Spectral Solutions visited this location on August 14, 2012. Upon arrival we were greeted with amazing stories of paranormal occurrences in vivid detail. Phenomena included pictures being thrown across the room as well as disembodied voices, banging, knocking, dark shadows, smells of rotting flesh and pets running through screen doors to escape unseen forces… and this was just the beginning.

While at this location, one of our investigators made a strong psychic connection with a spirit and communicated through psychometry and clairaudience. Our investigator was even able to obtain a name. Amazingly, this turned out to be the grandmother’s name. Many other details were obtained through this method which were all confirmed by the client, details we could have never known.  We were all shocked and excited by this communication.  

 While utilizing the parabolic microphone an investigator asked if anyone was trying to get a message to the home owner and an unmistakeable  “yes” was perceived through the head phones.  Definite atmospheric changes could be felt throughout the house but was most noticeable in the living room, where nausea and dizziness were the constant.  The team left after setting up another time to visit the location.  We returned the following evening.

Upon arriving the following night, we set up our equipment and once again tried to engage in communication with the present energies.  We stationed our infra-red camera in a hallway where a black shadow had been reportedly seen by our client as well as being witnessed by an investigator the previous night.  Photos are posted below.



 First photo in a series of three once motion detector has been triggered.  Cannot determine cause of trigger.





 Second photo five seconds later.





Third photo in series.  Anomaly is gone.



Our client reported that the activity had dramatically slowed, we felt as though the home owner was now is possession of the messages Grandma wanted her to have as the information obtained by our team was accurate and pertinent.  We have left the door open to further assistance if need be.  

Apr 282012

Our team was contacted by a friend of a home owner here in Windsor.  The friend was concerned for the family and had passed along our contact information.  Two investigators arrived on April 26, 2012 to conduct a preliminary investigation as done with all our cases.  A full account of occurrences were given and a walk through of the premises was done to obtain emf readings, temperature readings, other pertinent baseline readings and to gain a more accurate summary of where the events had occurred.  After hearing accounts from the home owner and her children and also witnessing a shadow moving within or in front of a mirror, we decided that this was a high priority case.  We scheduled a full investigation for April 28, 2012.

Five team members attended this investigation.  We arrived at 8:30 pm and began setting up for the evening.  We broke off into two teams to cover both floors of the dwelling.  Immediately our K2 meters as well as the Tri Field meter were spiking to the fullest and some team members felt a definite presence in the home, mainly on the basement stairs where the client reported to constantly hear footsteps.  A negative male energy was sensed which the client agreed upon as well.  We also felt as though a woman and small child spirit were somehow trapped in this location by the male energy.

Minimal experiences were had this evening but all agreed that there was definitely something paranormal occurring.  We were able to record evps and these are posted below.

The clients wished to have the premises smudged so Shannon and Chantel had returned to the location a few days later to perform the house cleansing.  We wished our clients well and hope that no news is good news.



          CLASS A Evp                                             CLASS C Evp


young female presence                                                                     male whisper