May 312009


On May 31, 2009 Spectral Solutions had the honour of investigating one of the most haunted locations in North America.  It was one of the most exciting nights the team had experienced.  Everyone experienced some sort of paranormal occurrence, from hearing disembodied screams to sensing that  they  were being watched to hearing unexplained noises.

Apr 182009

~Town House Terrors~

The Spectral Solutions Team received an urgent call on Monday, April 6th, 2009, from a family that was experiencing a poltergeist type of haunting. The owners were quite terrified and because they had a young child at home, the team made it a priority to attend as soon as possible. We scheduled an investigation for Saturday, April 18.

The team arrived at 8pm and began setting up our equipment and taking base readings.  A few strange occurrences were experienced during the investigation.  One of the team members felt as though something had bitten him and a red welt was apparent when shown to fellow team members.  The K2 and Trifield meters registered EMF spikes without known cause and could not be recreated by testing radios and proximity to appliances.  One investigator witnessed a white aura while we were trying to communicate with a small child believed, by clients, to be present.  Moments after this aura appeared another investigator was overcome with a dizzy, nauseous feeling accompanied by great sadness.

During dead time the muffled sound of a dog’s whimper could be heard by all present and is posted below.  The home owners informed us that a pet they had for years had died in this residence.  We could not conclusively deem this location haunted as we did not capture any concrete evidence by camera or audio recordings.

Class B Evp


Two team members returned to residence to do a smudging/cleansing of the clients and premises to help regain a piece of mind.


Mar 142009

~Witch Haven~

On March 14, 2009, the Spectral Solutions team conducted an investigation at a private residence. We arrived at around 9:00 pm to meet with the owner, who took us for a tour of the residence to explain where she had been experiencing activity. We then set up our equipment in the hot spots of the house and began our investigation, which ended at 3 am. We would like to thank the owner for contacting us, and allowing us to investigate this residence.