Nov 272010

On Saturday November 20th and Saturday, November 27th, the Spectral Solutions team investigated a “Historical Building”. Due to protection and privacy, we are unable to identify this location except to say it is in Essex County.

On the 20th, members Chantel, Marla, Shannon and Tony attended this first investigation. The location still had that “creepy” feel to it and it was not long before they felt they were not alone.

Several audible noises and voices were heard by different team members simultaneously. The investigation concluded at 4am

On the 27th, members Andrew, Helen, Joline, Michael, Nikki and Ryan, as well as the winner of the Guest Ghost Hunter Video Competition, Dale Q had their chance to investigate this location. The night was uneventful for the team members and experiences were minimal.


– The team was setting up the cameras and the TV turned off. Nobody touched the TV or remote control.

– There was a painting in the living room and Tony asked the entity if the painting was of her and her kids. Chantel, Marla and Tony all heard a “No” immediately after the question was asked.

– Chantel and Shannon heard a disembodied voice whispering “Fuck” while investigating.


Class A
Class B
Class C
Thats whyThat’s Why

Third Column

Third Column

Third Column


Thats why (second recorder)


Children (second recorder)

No you don’t

Something Upstairs

Project your energy


Fuck.. No


Another Breath


Another Bang

Nobody was in house for over 10 min 


Movement 2


The evening that only 4 members were present, personal experiences and communication were abundant compared to the other evening when 7 people were present. Could it be that more males were present on the second investigation than females? Could it be personal experiences are dismissed because there were too many of us investigation? We don’t have the answers to these questions, but the team has investigated this location a few times before and we feel that fewer members present at this location the more active it has been.

After reviewing all the audio and video footage, we were able to capture some outstanding EVPS, which leads members of the team to believe there is still something or someone in this building.

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Nov 132010

On November 13th, the Spectral Solutions team re-visited one of their most favourite haunts ever – The Derelict Chapel. It had been almost 2 years since the Team set foot in this location and we were really excited to see what was in store for us.

Mike and Tony were the first to arrive, taking a quick run through to get a feel for the place. It was just as they last remembered it…an eerie feeling despite the fact that the owners had did a thorough cleaning of the place. Andrew and Helen then arrived and joined Mike and Tony on the walk around, followed by Chantel, Jolene, Nikki and Shannon.

The team decided to focus on the areas from our last investigation where we had captured some of our best evidence. Cameras were set up in the basement, the rectory and upstairs. The investigation started at around 11pm and ended around 4am.


– While Michael and Tony were investigating in the boiler room, they were asking for signs of a presence in the form of knocking. A knock was heard, and Michael asked if it could bang louder and “it” complied by knocking louder. This occurred 4 times.

– Andrew, Chantel and Shannon were investigating upstairs when Andrew saw shadowy figure behind Shannon. As Shannon lowered her arm, the figure appeared to mimic that movement a few seconds afterwards.

– Shannon heard what she believed to be a whisper, as well as what seemed to sound like pebbles being thrown.

– Andrew, Michael and Tony were upstairs walking around, after a minute, they believe to have captured a door opening or closing on the IR cameras.


Class A
Class B
Class C


No Basement 

No Upstairs





Get Out

In the Basement

Right There

Turn your Light on

Are You



Undetermined Audio Clip

Mud Room Audio


Bumping Noise


Nobody was Around


We were able to capture a light which appears to be flying through the screen in a “U” shape. Also while upstairs, Andrew, Mike and Tony were walking into the room that some of the other members claimed to be active. After several seconds a door appears to be closing or opening.



After hours of audio and video evidence, the team captured some great evidence including some interesting EVPs.

Despite the fact that the owners have cleared out a lot of the items and furniture and whatever might have been attached to those items, there is still belief that there is someone or something that continues to roam the empty halls of the Derelict Chapel.

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Oct 092010

On October 9th, Spectral Solutions conducted an investigation after receiving a message from our client regarding “paranormal occurrences” in their home. The family was concerned for themselves and pets. The team which was comprised of Chantel, Marla, Mike and Shannon arrived at approximately 11:00 pm. The investigation ended at 3:00 am.


-Female investigator felt hair being pulled in client’s bedroom.

-Both investigating teams felt a strange vibration when lying on client’s bed.

-Team members were sensitive to temperature changes in apartment.

-Sounds of footsteps (or a presence) were heard in hallway outside of bedroom by both investigating teams.

-An investigator felt his notepad being pulled by an unseen entity. *A temperature drop was noticed at this time.*

-Two unexplained growling sounds were heard in living room by all when asking how many spirits was present.

-Two female members of the team along with Stacey heard a name whispered which was recognized as “Chantel” the name of an investigator. *This occurred while second team was in bedroom asking entities to say our names.*

-Team received knocking as responses during communication with entities. Knocks were coming from various locations throughout living room. The knock once for “Yes” and twice for “No” method was used to obtain answers. This was captured on recorders.


Class A
Class B
Class C

It’s Stuck

Wasn’t Me

We’re here

Help Me



Why ask me


Strange Sound

What was that?



Spectral Solutions feels that there was enough personal/group experiences as well as recorded evidence to state that the paranormal was indeed occurring at this location. Due to the EVPs captured we feel that there are two intelligent entities present. We did not witness the reported black shadow, which we feel may be residually related due to the repetition of movement and location as reported by clients. Spectral Solutions feels that the two intelligent entities (male and female) are trying to gain the attention of the residents by means of the noticed paranormal activity. We feel these entities may be seeking help due to them being trapped in the space/apartment/building and may be drawn to the female client due to sensitivity. We do not feel these entities are harmful. We have not found any correlation between these entities and the residents, or have any indication of who they may be.

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Jun 012010

Spectral Solutions conducted a preliminary investigation after receiving a message from Stefanie regarding “paranormal occurrences” in their home. Team members Shannon, Chantel and Nikki attended. Upon entering this residence, extremely high levels of EMF were recorded. These levels fluctuated by room and intensity throughout the prelim. Team members interviewed the residents and were intrigued by their accounts, especially the accounts of their four year old daughter. This family was concerned that strange things were occurring in their home. These occurrences were visual, audible and physical in nature and were being experienced by all who live in this residence. An investigation was set for June 19th. The amount of evidence and personal experiences from the primary investigation warranted a secondary investigation by other team members. We would like to thank the owners of this location for contacting us, and allowing us to conduct the investigation.


-A shadowy movement was witnessed passing in front of a light source (flashlight) by two investigators in the youngest daughter’s room.

-A team member saw images of a cat on two separate occasions.

-Female client observed a jewellery box door opened when always closed (shown on dvr as open prior to investigation start)

-An unexplained growling was heard by male client and a few investigators.

-Unexplained odours (paint, perfume, fruity smell) would arise on different occasions throughout investigation.

-Rustling sounds of movement were heard by investigators when no perceived motion was occurring.

-An investigator experienced a feeling of overwhelming sadness in a particular room during the evening.

-Sounds of footsteps or bangs were heard coming from second level by all present during “dead time” in the living room..

-Sounds of whispered conversations and heavy exhales were reported by investigators.

-Increased “responding” EMF readings were witnessed by all during “dead time” in Hayley’s room. Male client was communicating with any present energies and by being firm told the entities to leave. The meter readings seemed to coincide with what John had been saying and seemed to increase as John’s tone increased. The EMF readings ceased immediately when John exited the room only to reregister when he came back in. We felt at this time communication was apparent.

-EMF meter did not respond to an “are you human” question, but signaled a response to an “are you something other than human” question.

-Also during this time a sickening gnashing “har har har” sound was heard by all coming from cubby in Hayley’s room.

-Two investigators became nauseous after experiencing gnashing/chewing/laughing sound and felt as though those present were being mocked.


While the evidence collected from three separate investigations does not, without a doubt, support an explanation of paranormal activity, there were a few instances that could not be explained through normal means. EVPs collected did indicate an intelligent being may be present in this residence. This being seemed to be speaking to the residents and visitors as captured by our audio equipment. As well, Spectral Solutions agrees that some of the occurrences could indicate possible paranormal activity. However; the team has deemed their findings as inconclusive but is leaning in favour of an intelligent haunting.

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May 232010

On May 23rd, the Spectral Solutions team investigated The Mill. We were contacted by Bill who is the current owner of this establishment. Some of the claims were that at night after the bar was closed, he heard footsteps upstairs as he was in the basement. He also felt that “someone” was standing behind him while he worked in his office. Finally, the bar gate would make sounds as if someone were opening it.
The team was joined by Melanie and Al, who were winners Guest Ghost Hunter Raffle at Spirit Speak II. The investigation began around 11pm and ended at 4am. We would like to thank Bill for contacting us to investigate his establishment.


– While investigating the upstairs restrooms, Michael, Tony and guest investigator Al heard the swinging bar door move. This had been an occurrence the owner had previously experienced.

– The EMF meter seemed to respond to questions asked and it would go off and stop on command.

– The team heard what appeared to be one of their motion detectors emit a high pitch sound. The team went to check the detector which did not have a battery in it. Attempts were made to debunk which yielded negative results.


Class A

Bar Door Swings open


The Spectral Solutions team was unable to capture any evidence to prove this location was haunted. There were some personal experiences by the team members that coincided with the owner’s experiences. We were able to capture audio of the bar door swinging open, but that is not nearly enough to classify a place as haunted. Due to the lack of substantial evidence, we cannot deem this place to be haunted.

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