Feb 062010

At the end of January, the Spectral Solutions team received a very urgent e-mail from a terrified mother. The team set up a preliminary investigation for the following Monday. The mother was in fear because of her 3 year old daughter screaming at night and talking about a man constantly. She also claimed that a fan in a room would turn on by it self as well as lightbulbs go missing. On February 6th, the team arrived at 9pm and met with the current home owner. The team prepared for the investigation setting up cameras in the places the owners deemed the hot spots. The Team pre-investigation meeting was held at 10:14pm and the investigation followed soon there after. The investigation ended around 4:30am. We would like to thank the owner of this residence for contacting us!


– During dead time in the daughter’s room, when Mike asked if the entity could say his name, several team members, as well as the tenant heard a distinct “Michael”.

– Several team members reported similar visual anomalies during the investigation. All reports were consistent as to the area of occurrence, colour and density of apparition.

– Nikki and Mike reported that they witnessed “long, black and shadowy fingers reaching out of the closet and holding onto the door frame”

-EMF detector seemed to go off on command. During this time it reacted best when Chantel was asking questions and commanding the entity to use the EMF to communicate


Class A
Class B
Class C



EMF goes off to question

Get out of Here

Look in here?


Aside from EVPs, personal experiences were the secondary form of evidence captured on this investigation, but as nothing extreme was caught on video, those occurrences cannot be counted as substantial evidence in this case. Spectral Solutions has reason to believe that something supernatural is likely occurring in this location. Due to the variety of EVPs captured, which are mainly intelligent recordings, Spectral Solutions feels that a second investigation is necessary to attempt to gain more access and communication to any entities that may be inherent in this particular location.

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