Jan 262012

Season’s greetings, guys and ghouls. Hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday season! Time to learn a little more about this strange little profession of ours.

One of the most common claims heard in relation to paranormal activity is frequently seeing “something” out of the corner of one’s eye. There are of course many possible explanations for this phenomenon, but this Ghost Post is going to look at one of the more esoteric explanations: sound.

So, how can sound cause you to see things that aren’t there? It’s really only a specific type of sound called infrasound. Simply put, the human ear can perceive sounds 20 hertz or more in frequency. Infrasound are sounds that are below 20 hertz. Humans don’t consciously perceive these sounds, but they are still there. Infrasound can be produced by types of weather, natural disasters, animals, and even some machinery such as diesel engines or subwoofers.

So, how does infrasound tie into the paranormal? Let’s look at the story of Vic Tandy. Tandy, a lecturer at Coventry University, was working alone one night in an allegedly haunted lab. He suddenly found himself feeling anxious, and noticed a grey blob out of the corner of his eye. When he turned around, there was nothing there. Investigation by Tandy found that a fan in the lab was giving out a frequency of 18.98 hertz. The resonation level of the human eye is 18 hertz. Tandy realized what he was seeing was just an optical illusion from his eyeball resonating! Infrasound, like excessive EMF, has also been found to cause feelings of fear or awe, leading to the employment of infrasound in films such as Paranormal Activity.

So, next time you’ve think you’ve seen a figure, remember infrasound, and explore beyond possible visual explanations!

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