Nov 012008

~Demon House~

On November 1st, 2008, the Spectral Solutions team conducted an investigation at a private residence. We arrived at around 9:00 pm to meet with the caretaker, who took us around the building explaining where he experienced the most paranormal activity. We then set up our equipment in the hot spots of the house and began our investigation, which ended at 3 AM. We would like to thank the caretaker for allowing us to investigate this residence.


The Spectral Solutions team had minimal experiences throughout the night that could be classified as paranormal phenomena. There were a few personal experiences, but only some were captured on camera or the voice recorders. The house did have an alarming rate of EMF that was unexplainable. The readings were off the charts and quite random throughout the house. At one point, there was what seemed to be some sort of an intelligent entity at the residence which was able to communicate with one team, though this didn’t last long. So far, we have determined this location to have only very limited activity, and does not classify as a “haunted” location by our experience and gathered evidence. A second investigation has been requested, date to be announced.


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