Oct 182008

~The Kildare House~

On October 18th, 2008, the Spectral Solutions team investigated The Kildare House. A 130 year old building that has been several different things throughout the years. This location has now been turned into the local Celtic watering hole that is filled with many stories and accounts of personal experiences. The Spectral Solutions team arrived around 2AM and met with the current owner of this establishment. We set up our equipment in the areas where people have reported strange experiences or ‘hotspots’ as we call them. The investigation ended at 7 am. We would like to thank the owner of this location for allowing us to conduct this investigation.


The Spectral Solutions team had minimal experiences during this night’s investigation. We had 30 hours of audio to cover, as well as 8 hours of video (some which was lost when equipment stopped recording for some reason that we can’t explain). ┬áMembers of the team have had personal experiences and have captured evp on other occasions while visiting the local pub socially.

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