Jan 082012

~Eerie Erie~

Spectral Solutions was asked to investigate a private residence in Essex County due to strange events occurring.  The client spoke of audible footsteps, shadows and apparitions.  This location was the scene of a grisly yet still unsolved murder.  We arrived on scene approximately 10pm, began setting up our equipment and taking base readings for comparison throughout the investigation.  The female client attended the night with us and we had two teams of two investigators.  We did have a few inexplicable experiences such as strange scratching/knocking sounds as well as random, strange smells without a known cause.


We were unable to confirm communication but on two occasions a “male voice” was heard in the house in real time although there were no males present.  The murder victim from this investigation was a male.  One instance which was heard in real time was caught on recorder.  The question asked and following answer is below.


Class B Evp


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