Oct 302012

Francois Baby House ~Windsor Community Museum


On Tuesday October 30, 2012 Spectral Solutions had the honour of being the first paranormal team to investigated this historical building.
Brief history

The François Bâby House is a historic residence located in Windsor, Ontario which was owned by the prominent local politician Francois Baby.  The house was known as La Fermelocally and was a French Canadian Ribbon Farm, which was a long narrow tract fronting endwise on the Detroit River. The home itself has historical ties to the War of 1812 where it was used as a headquarters by both the American and British forces.

Today, the François Baby House has been designated as a National Historic Site of Canada and serves as the current home of Windsor’s Community Museum, a historical museum which displays the city’s rich and colourful past.


The Investigation

We were joined by the curator and a staff member as well as two members of the public who had won a guest investigator spot through raffles at one of our Public Hunts.  We arrived on site at 8pm, set up our equipment and anticipated an interesting night.  We were thrilled to be able to view the treasures on hand in the museum but unfortunately the paranormal occurrences were at a minimum.  We did, however, capture two EVPs during the night.



Class A Evp                                        Class C Evp

Baubie                                                                      Give us a sign

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