Aug 152012

We were contacted July 28, 2012 by the sister of a woman who was experiencing strange phenomena at her home in Windsor.  This house belonged to their grandmother and our client purchased this location from the estate after her grandmother’s passing.

Spectral Solutions visited this location on August 14, 2012. Upon arrival we were greeted with amazing stories of paranormal occurrences in vivid detail. Phenomena included pictures being thrown across the room as well as disembodied voices, banging, knocking, dark shadows, smells of rotting flesh and pets running through screen doors to escape unseen forces… and this was just the beginning.

While at this location, one of our investigators made a strong psychic connection with a spirit and communicated through psychometry and clairaudience. Our investigator was even able to obtain a name. Amazingly, this turned out to be the grandmother’s name. Many other details were obtained through this method which were all confirmed by the client, details we could have never known.  We were all shocked and excited by this communication.  

 While utilizing the parabolic microphone an investigator asked if anyone was trying to get a message to the home owner and an unmistakeable  “yes” was perceived through the head phones.  Definite atmospheric changes could be felt throughout the house but was most noticeable in the living room, where nausea and dizziness were the constant.  The team left after setting up another time to visit the location.  We returned the following evening.

Upon arriving the following night, we set up our equipment and once again tried to engage in communication with the present energies.  We stationed our infra-red camera in a hallway where a black shadow had been reportedly seen by our client as well as being witnessed by an investigator the previous night.  Photos are posted below.



 First photo in a series of three once motion detector has been triggered.  Cannot determine cause of trigger.





 Second photo five seconds later.





Third photo in series.  Anomaly is gone.



Our client reported that the activity had dramatically slowed, we felt as though the home owner was now is possession of the messages Grandma wanted her to have as the information obtained by our team was accurate and pertinent.  We have left the door open to further assistance if need be.  

  2 Responses to “Grandma’s Ghost, Windsor”

  1. Very intriguing! Would love to know more details… Was the grandmother’s passing tragic? Were any EVP obtained? Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Lois. Unfortunately we didn’t capture any audio from this location. Most of our experiences were caught in real time, through a psychic connections which was very cool. I must admit…I had never seen so much accuracy through this type of communication. A lot of the conflict happening in the house was actually due to other family members actions and “grandma’s” wanting to inform the clients of things that were transpiring behind their backs. Last we had heard things were more peaceful at this location and we hope they remain that way for the homeowners. The grandmothers passing was not a tragic one although it was said that she did not want to leave, that there were more things she wanted to do in life.

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