Apr 192013

~Tecumseh, Ontario~

A team member was contacted regarding photographs take in a Tecumseh home and the possibility of spirits captured.  An evening was arranged for us to view the photos as our opinion was requested by the home owners.  Two team members attended this viewing but prior to viewing the photos the team members did some individual “meditation” regarding the photo and compared impressions.

Both members received impressions of a female in her teens with light brown hair.  Two names were suggested and another impression was that whatever was in the photo had appeared over someone’s shoulder.  Upon meeting the home owners and prior to the photo being viewed we gave our thoughts on what we had “sensed” about it.

We had told our clients what impressions and names we had received.  One name was whom they believed was in the photo and the other name was of someone  (family member) who was causing rifts in the family.

In the photo was a misty/smokey anomaly appearing over the shoulder of the male and appeared to be kissing him on the head.  The home owners believed that it was the spirit of his daughter whom had passed tragically in her late teens.  We were shown a picture of his daughter, a beautiful young lady with light brown hair.  At this time the father had asked if we had any other ideas about who it could be and if we could tell him when his  daughter’s birthday was as he was still looking for confirmation for what he already knew.  A team member told him “April” and this was the month of her birth.

While at the residence we had sensed other energies in the house but assured our clients there were no negative feelings, it was a happy energetic energy almost an excited one.   They thanked us for coming and for ‘verifying’ what they had already believed and we wished them well.  One week later we received a call inviting us over to view more photos they had found which they say they had no memory of taking.  We set the date for April 19 and decided to bring along our equipment and investigate further.  

When arriving the second time, we were shown additional photos captured in the residence (posted below).  We did not feel that these photos were the result of the daughter’s energy, but in fact of different anomalies.  We began recordings and using our emf detectors and only had “hits” in the home owners bedroom where the female client has sensed many energies.  In the family room, we all sensed a form of energy which caused anxiety as well as a tingling sensation in both investigators as well as the home owner.  It was at this time that an evp was captured.  A very heavy breath (posted below) which seemed to be directly at the recorder.  In the basement of the residence a male whisper was heard in real time and was also captured on recorder.  At the time this was heard, by one investigator only, she felt as though it was the word “change”.  Upon review of the audio it was determined that “chance” would be what was whispered.  We also heard a female moaning sound in real time but the recording is very hard to distinguish.  

We will maintain communication with the home owners and hope to  do more evp work and possibly acquire further information as to whom /why/what is also residing at this location.  Although the male client is determined that the only spirit he will admit to being present or being welcome in his home is that of his beloved daughter, while his wife feels other energies, perhaps even an Indian spirit are roaming their hallways  as well as lurking around their property.




heavy breath                                                            man whisper



    Photo taken (without recollection) in kitchen area of home.

    Photo taken (without recollection) in kitchen area of home

    This picture was taken in a spare bedroom where our investigators felt a very heavy pressure accompanied by dizziness.

  2 Responses to “A House Divided”

  1. Hello spectral solutions, just doing a check up on you guys to see what you’ve been up to, as well as to give an update to you about my Theory Work. I just took a look at the 3 photographs from “A House Divided” and I want to verify something regarding what’s in those pictures: Were any of the in-residence clients smoking before or during the investigation? Was there incense or sage burned at any time during the investigation when these photo’s were taken? The “behaviour” of the smoke-like trails and the Orbs that relate to it suggest this so. I would like to have this verified please if it is “Real Smoke” of some kind that is being photographed.

    I ask because I’m currently working on a Divination Method that could use such evidence as a communications platform during investigations between “us and them”. (Still in the research and concepts stages, but so far preliminary testing confirms some immediate application potential. Remember that meeting I had with you a few years back at a Tim Hortens about setting up a Smoke-Screen Experiment at a Graveyard or doing a “Bloody Mary Ritual”, this Divination Method I’m researching will go a long ways to doing those experiments within the Year or so to come.)

    Wilh my Divination Method in terms of Media Evidence, I could analyze a Photo or Video and view it as an Omen of Information pertaining to the actions of whatever indevidual or item is being related to. Say for instance an Investigator was to start talking about the Lore of the House being about a Woman who died in the 1800’s and that being the cause of the Haunting. Suddenly an Orb flies by the Investigator but we only see it on Video. I can then from that Investigators point-of-view (where they were standing in the room at the time) actively go and figure out if what’s actually causing that haunting “agrees or disagrees” with the statement made by the Investigator at that exact momment. This I think can open up a new venue of potential for direct communications between Investigators and the Environment and whatever may be within it. (Now it’s not just EMF’s and Blinking Lights we can see, but now we can in real-time visually interpret the movements of Orb Phenomenon, Sudden Cold Wind, and Strange Moving Objects as well.)

    I’ll await an e-mail reply from you.

    – Daniel Martin
    Paranormal Theorist

    • Hi, Dan. I just want to assure you that no one was smoking at the time that those pictures were taken in the home. If you have anymore questions, I’ll try to help as much as I can. I would like to know about this more if I could. Thank-You.

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