Dec 052008

~The Dawson House~

On December 5th, 2008, the Spectral Solutions team went out to the Dawson house to investigate the owner’s claims of the paranormal. The Spectral Solutions team showed up around 9PM and met with the current owners of this residence who took us on a tour of the place,¬†explaining¬†their experiences. We then set up equipment in areas that they told us were the hot spots. The investigation ended at 4:00 am. We would like to thank the owner of this location for allowing us to conduct this investigation.


The Spectral Solutions team had minimal personal experiences on this investigation and were unable to capture anything on audio or video that we could classify as paranormal. The homeowners claimed there was activity revolving around the children and it is possible that we were unable to experience anything due to the children not being present on this evening.

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