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On November 13th, the Spectral Solutions team re-visited one of their most favourite haunts ever – The Derelict Chapel. It had been almost 2 years since the Team set foot in this location and we were really excited to see what was in store for us.

Mike and Tony were the first to arrive, taking a quick run through to get a feel for the place. It was just as they last remembered it…an eerie feeling despite the fact that the owners had did a thorough cleaning of the place. Andrew and Helen then arrived and joined Mike and Tony on the walk around, followed by Chantel, Jolene, Nikki and Shannon.

The team decided to focus on the areas from our last investigation where we had captured some of our best evidence. Cameras were set up in the basement, the rectory and upstairs. The investigation started at around 11pm and ended around 4am.


– While Michael and Tony were investigating in the boiler room, they were asking for signs of a presence in the form of knocking. A knock was heard, and Michael asked if it could bang louder and “it” complied by knocking louder. This occurred 4 times.

– Andrew, Chantel and Shannon were investigating upstairs when Andrew saw shadowy figure behind Shannon. As Shannon lowered her arm, the figure appeared to mimic that movement a few seconds afterwards.

– Shannon heard what she believed to be a whisper, as well as what seemed to sound like pebbles being thrown.

– Andrew, Michael and Tony were upstairs walking around, after a minute, they believe to have captured a door opening or closing on the IR cameras.


Class A
Class B
Class C


No Basement 

No Upstairs





Get Out

In the Basement

Right There

Turn your Light on

Are You



Undetermined Audio Clip

Mud Room Audio


Bumping Noise


Nobody was Around


We were able to capture a light which appears to be flying through the screen in a “U” shape. Also while upstairs, Andrew, Mike and Tony were walking into the room that some of the other members claimed to be active. After several seconds a door appears to be closing or opening.



After hours of audio and video evidence, the team captured some great evidence including some interesting EVPs.

Despite the fact that the owners have cleared out a lot of the items and furniture and whatever might have been attached to those items, there is still belief that there is someone or something that continues to roam the empty halls of the Derelict Chapel.

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