Nov 272010

On Saturday November 20th and Saturday, November 27th, the Spectral Solutions team investigated a “Historical Building”. Due to protection and privacy, we are unable to identify this location except to say it is in Essex County.

On the 20th, members Chantel, Marla, Shannon and Tony attended this first investigation. The location still had that “creepy” feel to it and it was not long before they felt they were not alone.

Several audible noises and voices were heard by different team members simultaneously. The investigation concluded at 4am

On the 27th, members Andrew, Helen, Joline, Michael, Nikki and Ryan, as well as the winner of the Guest Ghost Hunter Video Competition, Dale Q had their chance to investigate this location. The night was uneventful for the team members and experiences were minimal.


– The team was setting up the cameras and the TV turned off. Nobody touched the TV or remote control.

– There was a painting in the living room and Tony asked the entity if the painting was of her and her kids. Chantel, Marla and Tony all heard a “No” immediately after the question was asked.

– Chantel and Shannon heard a disembodied voice whispering “Fuck” while investigating.


Class A
Class B
Class C
Thats whyThat’s Why

Third Column

Third Column

Third Column


Thats why (second recorder)


Children (second recorder)

No you don’t

Something Upstairs

Project your energy


Fuck.. No


Another Breath


Another Bang

Nobody was in house for over 10 min 


Movement 2


The evening that only 4 members were present, personal experiences and communication were abundant compared to the other evening when 7 people were present. Could it be that more males were present on the second investigation than females? Could it be personal experiences are dismissed because there were too many of us investigation? We don’t have the answers to these questions, but the team has investigated this location a few times before and we feel that fewer members present at this location the more active it has been.

After reviewing all the audio and video footage, we were able to capture some outstanding EVPS, which leads members of the team to believe there is still something or someone in this building.

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