Oct 092010

On October 9th, Spectral Solutions conducted an investigation after receiving a message from our client regarding “paranormal occurrences” in their home. The family was concerned for themselves and pets. The team which was comprised of Chantel, Marla, Mike and Shannon arrived at approximately 11:00 pm. The investigation ended at 3:00 am.


-Female investigator felt hair being pulled in client’s bedroom.

-Both investigating teams felt a strange vibration when lying on client’s bed.

-Team members were sensitive to temperature changes in apartment.

-Sounds of footsteps (or a presence) were heard in hallway outside of bedroom by both investigating teams.

-An investigator felt his notepad being pulled by an unseen entity. *A temperature drop was noticed at this time.*

-Two unexplained growling sounds were heard in living room by all when asking how many spirits was present.

-Two female members of the team along with Stacey heard a name whispered which was recognized as “Chantel” the name of an investigator. *This occurred while second team was in bedroom asking entities to say our names.*

-Team received knocking as responses during communication with entities. Knocks were coming from various locations throughout living room. The knock once for “Yes” and twice for “No” method was used to obtain answers. This was captured on recorders.


Class A
Class B
Class C

It’s Stuck

Wasn’t Me

We’re here

Help Me



Why ask me


Strange Sound

What was that?



Spectral Solutions feels that there was enough personal/group experiences as well as recorded evidence to state that the paranormal was indeed occurring at this location. Due to the EVPs captured we feel that there are two intelligent entities present. We did not witness the reported black shadow, which we feel may be residually related due to the repetition of movement and location as reported by clients. Spectral Solutions feels that the two intelligent entities (male and female) are trying to gain the attention of the residents by means of the noticed paranormal activity. We feel these entities may be seeking help due to them being trapped in the space/apartment/building and may be drawn to the female client due to sensitivity. We do not feel these entities are harmful. We have not found any correlation between these entities and the residents, or have any indication of who they may be.

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