Jan 292011

Spectral Solutions was contacted about an abandoned farm house in Essex County by the nephew of the previous owner.  The team was intrigued by his claims and decided to conduct a preliminary investigation.  During the prelim three team members all witnessed a shadowy figure dart from one room to another. Knocking was heard on command and they experienced various drops in temperature.  There was enough activity to schedule a full on investigation.  The date was set for January 29.

 The team arrived at approximately 9:00 pm and started taking base readings and setting up the equipment.

The team experienced many different phenomena listed below:

-Two investigators heard a loud whispering voice between them. *Caught on audio but not discernable*

-Two team members felt an unexplained wariness of back porch/laundry room.

-A moan (male) was heard in real time coming from another floor on two occasions.

-Team members were sensitive to drastic temperature changes in home.  Some of these temperature drops were severe enough to cause breath condensation.

-Some team members experienced dizziness in particular rooms.

-Knocking sounds came through monitor in response to investigators call for a sign of their presence.  These sounds were recorded moments after another investigator heard the opening and closing of a downstairs door.  *Investigation indicated no entry was made to residence as all doors were still locked.*

The team was able to capture an compelling piece of audio evidence, which was the knocking heard from downstairs through the baby monitor. We asked to repeat it, and it was, this time louder. 

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