Mar 192011

On March 19th , the Spectral Solutions Team reinvestigated the Farm House due to the experiences the team had while on the preliminary interview and investigation. The team arrived at approximately 9:00 pm and began to take new base readings for tonights investigation. The investigation commenced at 9:30 pm. The investigation was concluded at 2:00 am. We would like to thank the home owners for allowing us to reinvestigate this locatinon.


– Strange lights were witnessed by most present on numerous occasions.  One such light was circular (orb) and bluish in colour and moved in a vertical direction.
*There was no found source for this illumination*

– A client felt fingers running down his neck moments after by a possible unseen entity.

-Two investigators heard a loud whispering voice between them.

– Sounds of footsteps (or a presence) were heard in hallway outside of bedroom.

– Sounds of footsteps/shuffling on second level while team was downstairs.

We were unable to capture anything on audio/video this evening.

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