May 232010

On May 23rd, the Spectral Solutions team investigated The Mill. We were contacted by Bill who is the current owner of this establishment. Some of the claims were that at night after the bar was closed, he heard footsteps upstairs as he was in the basement. He also felt that “someone” was standing behind him while he worked in his office. Finally, the bar gate would make sounds as if someone were opening it.
The team was joined by Melanie and Al, who were winners Guest Ghost Hunter Raffle at Spirit Speak II. The investigation began around 11pm and ended at 4am. We would like to thank Bill for contacting us to investigate his establishment.


– While investigating the upstairs restrooms, Michael, Tony and guest investigator Al heard the swinging bar door move. This had been an occurrence the owner had previously experienced.

– The EMF meter seemed to respond to questions asked and it would go off and stop on command.

– The team heard what appeared to be one of their motion detectors emit a high pitch sound. The team went to check the detector which did not have a battery in it. Attempts were made to debunk which yielded negative results.


Class A

Bar Door Swings open


The Spectral Solutions team was unable to capture any evidence to prove this location was haunted. There were some personal experiences by the team members that coincided with the owner’s experiences. We were able to capture audio of the bar door swinging open, but that is not nearly enough to classify a place as haunted. Due to the lack of substantial evidence, we cannot deem this place to be haunted.

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