Jun 012010

Spectral Solutions conducted a preliminary investigation after receiving a message from Stefanie regarding “paranormal occurrences” in their home. Team members Shannon, Chantel and Nikki attended. Upon entering this residence, extremely high levels of EMF were recorded. These levels fluctuated by room and intensity throughout the prelim. Team members interviewed the residents and were intrigued by their accounts, especially the accounts of their four year old daughter. This family was concerned that strange things were occurring in their home. These occurrences were visual, audible and physical in nature and were being experienced by all who live in this residence. An investigation was set for June 19th. The amount of evidence and personal experiences from the primary investigation warranted a secondary investigation by other team members. We would like to thank the owners of this location for contacting us, and allowing us to conduct the investigation.


-A shadowy movement was witnessed passing in front of a light source (flashlight) by two investigators in the youngest daughter’s room.

-A team member saw images of a cat on two separate occasions.

-Female client observed a jewellery box door opened when always closed (shown on dvr as open prior to investigation start)

-An unexplained growling was heard by male client and a few investigators.

-Unexplained odours (paint, perfume, fruity smell) would arise on different occasions throughout investigation.

-Rustling sounds of movement were heard by investigators when no perceived motion was occurring.

-An investigator experienced a feeling of overwhelming sadness in a particular room during the evening.

-Sounds of footsteps or bangs were heard coming from second level by all present during “dead time” in the living room..

-Sounds of whispered conversations and heavy exhales were reported by investigators.

-Increased “responding” EMF readings were witnessed by all during “dead time” in Hayley’s room. Male client was communicating with any present energies and by being firm told the entities to leave. The meter readings seemed to coincide with what John had been saying and seemed to increase as John’s tone increased. The EMF readings ceased immediately when John exited the room only to reregister when he came back in. We felt at this time communication was apparent.

-EMF meter did not respond to an “are you human” question, but signaled a response to an “are you something other than human” question.

-Also during this time a sickening gnashing “har har har” sound was heard by all coming from cubby in Hayley’s room.

-Two investigators became nauseous after experiencing gnashing/chewing/laughing sound and felt as though those present were being mocked.


While the evidence collected from three separate investigations does not, without a doubt, support an explanation of paranormal activity, there were a few instances that could not be explained through normal means. EVPs collected did indicate an intelligent being may be present in this residence. This being seemed to be speaking to the residents and visitors as captured by our audio equipment. As well, Spectral Solutions agrees that some of the occurrences could indicate possible paranormal activity. However; the team has deemed their findings as inconclusive but is leaning in favour of an intelligent haunting.

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