Jan 272009

On September 26, 2009, Spectral Solutions held a public hunt. We arrived and were greeted with many happy and excited faces. We were able to meet and talk ghosts as well as some of our experiences with the attendees, most wanting to know stories of the Derelict Chapel as well as from the investigation the night before. After a short introduction of the team members, we went over the rules and broke up into 3 groups. We started at St. Johns cemetery and investigated for rougly over an hour. We pressed on, seperating the groups, with two heading to our favourite cemetery, St. John the Baptist, and one heading over to Texas Road.

After some time, the groups switched locations and investigated further. While investigating, the group was able to break up into smaller groups and get to know some of the public on a more personal level. We were also able to share personal experiences with the paranormal.

The hunt ended around 1AM and fun was had by all. We were able to capture some interesting picture, but were unable to capture any audio.

We would like to thank all who attended our public hunt. Stay tuned for future public hunts.

No Evidence was captured

Photo taken by Tim Kennedy

Photo taken by Jerry Jazner

Photo taken by Pat Ryan

Photo taken by Jordyn Urban

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