Jan 262012

Voice Recorder: Is a digital voice recorder. It is used to pick up EVP (electronic voice phenomenon); these are voices and sounds that are collected that you were unable to hear at the time with your own ears.

EMF Detector: An EMF detector detects Electromagnetic fields. It is believed that a spirit is made up of energy, if they are present the energy will manipulate the earths magnetic field.

K2 Meter: The K2 meter is similar to an EMF Detector, however it is able to locate Electro Magnetic Frequencies as well as Fields. The team uses this device in locations in hopes to communicate with spirits by asking them to light up the lights.

Tri-Field Meter: The Tri-Field meter is a device we use that we can decipher what exact energy we are picking up. It is able to detect Radio, Electric as well as Micro waves. This is used so it is we can determin what exactly is setting off our detector.

Geo Phone: This device is able to pick up the slightest vibrations. This is able to be placed in a area like an attic where people have noise complaints such as footsteps. The Geo Phone emits a high pitch sound when it is set off.

Digital Thermometer: Cold and hot spots are one of the most common symptoms of spiritual activity. Thermometers are used to find temperature drops. Look for temperature fluctuations of 10 degrees or more.

IR Camera: A video camera that is equipped with infrared technology, which helps the camera pick up light off of objects and brighten up the room to help record video.

DVR System: The DVR system lets us record up to 200 feet in total darkness, with 4 different cameras in hopes that we can capture something even though we were not in the room at the time.

Digital Camera: Digital cameras are useful for capturing any possible apparitions, orbs, or manifestations.

Wireless Audio: This is another form of device that we use to capture E.V.P. This device you are able to listen to in live time as it hooks up directly into our laptop which is recording the audio. It sends the signal from the microphone to the receiver, which sends the signal into the laptop.

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