Jan 262012

Dead Time: Slang term used by paranormal investigators to refer to the hours of 2-4AM. In their attempt to communicate with the dead,it is believed that the stillness and silence of the night make it a more appropriate time to communicate with the spirit world.

Disembodied Voice/ Voice Phenomenom: A voice you can hear in real time, that has no solid mass or body to it.

Electro Magnetic Field: Better known as EMF. Where their is a high electromagnetic field disrupting the earth, some people believe this could be as a result as a entity trying to manifest itself.

EMF Sweep: A base reading done to notice any fluctuations on the EMF detector while conducting our investigation.

EVP: Also known as EVP. Refers to a voice picked up using electronic recorders. These voices are not heard in real time, but only afterwards on recorders. There are 3 different types of class of EVPs:

Class A:
Voices are very clear and easily understandable by many.
Class B:
Voices are fairly loud and clear and are sometimes audible without headphones.
Class C:
Voices are very soft and often indecipherable. These tend to be researcher dependent.


Fear Cage: A fear cage is where you are in a certain area which is surrounded with high electromagnetic field (EMF) which can cause people to have different feelings such as paranoia, nausea, itching, or a feeling of being watched.

Moisture Sweep: A base reading is done to notice any fluctuations on the moisture detector while conducting our investigation.

Temperature Drop: It is believed that when an entity is trying to manifest, it will lower the temperature by gathering the energy in that area creating a temperature drop of a significant amount, perhaps 10-20 degrees..

Temperature Sweep: A base reading is done to notice any fluctuations on the temperature gauge while conducting our investigation.