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SPECTRAL SOLUTIONS was born April 5, 2008, when Chantel, Shannon, Nikki, Marla (former) and Ryan (former) decided there was a growing need in the area for a group who could offer assistance to local residents and business owners who believed they were experiencing paranormal activity.

Team Members: Shannon | ChantelNikki | Leslie

Since its inception, Spectral Solutions has been dedicated to the research of all things paranormal and has successfully executed a number of investigations throughout the Windsor-Essex County Region. Spectral Solutions also hosts annual seminars (see “Spirit Speak”), as a way of educating and informing the public on all aspects of the paranormal.

Spectral Solutions conducts all investigations free of charge.

Donations are accepted for the purpose of obtaining and maintaining equipment, travel costs and/or spiritual cleansing supplies.

Spectral Solutions believes in giving back to the community and has participated in many fundraisers to benefit charitable organizations in our community, and will continue to do so throughout our existence.
Spectral Solutions has come along way since its birth, and has many people to thank for its continued success. Team mates (past and present), our local media, our community and each and every client we have the privilege of assisting, we thank you.

Happy Hauntings!
The Spectral Solutions Team


Spectral Solutions is dedicated to providing logical and plausible explanations to what may be believed to be paranormal phenomena.

We strive to provide our clients with specialized, helpful and friendly services in regard to professional investigational procedures, evidence review, smudgings/cleansings/blessings, and spiritual counselling.

We pledge to find the truth in regard to all types of paranormal occurrences using a scientific and spiritual approach.

We vow to provide support to members of communities both locally and nationally, and to be the leading authority on paranormal matters in our area.

Spectral Solutions will provide comprehensive research, professional investigations, scientific study using high-tech equipment, thorough and unbiased examinations of evidence, and spiritual support to anyone associated with our cases.

Spectral Solutions will never charge a fee for services provided and will continue to lend a hand in community development and programs by making donations to local charities.

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