Name: Nikki DOB: July 31 1979Astrological Sign: LeoRole: Investigator / Client Follow-up

Religious Views: Spiritualist

Favourite Investigation to date: Private Residential- Essex

Best experience to date: Experiencing a burning sensation on my right foot while at a private residential in Essex, Ont. After consulting with the clients about it, I was informed that the great-grandmother had burned the exact same foot with hot oil years before and they had thought that her presence may have been in the house from time to time.

Expression used most often in the field: “Yeaahhh……thaaaanks.”

Nikki’s interest in the paranormal, though life long, was really affected by a visit from her deceased grandmother after her passing. Nikki views this visit as a confirmation of life after death and as a comforting moment in which her grandmother was letting her know “she was alright”.

Nikki enjoys music and movies, writing stories, screenplays and songs, and singing them. She has a love of the outdoors and enjoys road trips and camping.

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