Name: Shannon aka “Shenanigans”

DOB: September 24, 1963

Astrological Sign: Libra



Role: Co-Founder / Case File Manager / Part time Historian / Developing Sensitive

Religious Views: Too many churches, not enough truth

Favourite Investigation to date: The Abandoned

Best experience to date: Physical contact from an unseen entity.

Expression used most often in the field: Somethings wrong” and “Did you hear that?”

Shannon has been interested in the paranormal from a young age. She enjoys the adrenaline rush from being scared. She believes to have experienced “paranormal activity” which has pushed her further into discovering the absolute truth. Shannon has a great interest in the states of human consciousness and how it relates to the paranormal. She intends on furthering her knowledge in this area and hopes to heighten her awareness through research and meditation to help her to better perceive and communicate with the unseen.